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Smoky 2Way Tote Bag (S)


"SMOKY" series represents PORTER, which has been updated 20 years after its launch.
The biggest attraction of the "SMOKY" series is the original fabric "Cordura Duck", in which outstanding craftsmanship is packed into each process from the thread to the weaving of the fabric.
Cordura Duck has a unique texture that has never been seen before in textiles, thanks to the gentle, natural look of cotton and the strength and sheen of nylon. This fabric, a fusion of low-tech and high-tech, is dyed with a difference between the warp and weft yarns, resulting in a colour with depth and richness.

Outer: Cordura duck (warp thread: cotton uneven yarn, weft yarn: cordura nylon)
(back side: acrylic coating)
Back: nylon jacquard
(back side: acrylic coating)

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