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POTR Ride Shoulder Bag with Bicycle Chain


In recent years, new vehicles such as electric bicycles, electric kickboards, and shared cars have appeared on the market, diversifying our means of transportation. Just as we have updated our lifestyles in response to changes in society, "POTR RIDE" series of bags adapts to the lifestyles of all people.

The main material is nylon twill fabric, which is PVC treated to increase its water resistance. The bottom gusset, which is easily loaded, is made of Cordura ballistic nylon for increased durability. A sling binder is also provided on the front and bottom of the main body to simply secure and carry personal items. The backpack and waist bag have crossed tapes to accentuate the look. The shoulder straps are innovative and can be adjusted smoothly in one action.

An original chain using a competition-use bicycle chain that combines functional beauty and durability is also included.

Front: Nylon twill (Surface: weakly water repellent) (Back: PVC processing)
Cordura ballistic nylon (back side: polyurethane processing)
Back: Nylon ripstop (Surface: Teflon fabric protector processing) (Back: Urethane coating)

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