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"PORTER GRIZZLY BEAR", this version is made in Japan, with all processes from design to sewing done in Japan, and each piece is carefully crafted.
The main body is made of TANKER fabric. The original 12inch GRIZZLY BEAR has German-made glass eyes with excellent transparency and color. Antique bears from the 1970s onward generally use plastic eyes, but this GRIZZLY BEAR uses glass eyes, which were used for bears made from the 1940s to 1961s. Unlike the plastic eyes, the glass eyes allow light to pass through easily and each one has a different expression. Nowadays, plastic eyes are the mainstream, and glass eyes are rare. The head, hands, and feet can be moved freely with joint parts.
It also features a brass chain and a padlock collar wrapped with engraved glass leather. The body also comes with an original tag with the year of manufacture embroidered on it.

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